Medical Cold Laser Level Equipment Therapy Machine No2

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💎💎ISO9809-3 150bar 37MN TUV TPED Oxygen Tanks Gas Cylinders

1、Minimum order quantity: 100 only

2、Use cylinders:Our seamless steel cylinders are widely used in industry, medical devices, fire fighting and scientific research

3、We are China's gas cylinder production factory, product sales:China, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, America

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4、During the blanking process of gas cylinder production, the inner and outer surface and end face of the steel pipe shall be checked one by one, and the inner and outer surface of the billet shall not have cracks, serious pits, folds, folds, layers apart and scarring. The end face is smooth, no obvious burr, the inner and outer surface is clean, no feeding iron and debris, and check the perpendicularity and perpendicularity of the cylinder body one by one.

5、This document (EN ISO 9809-3:2010) has been prepared by Technical Committee ISO/TC 58 "Gas cylinders" in collaboration with Technical Committee CEN/TC 23 “Transportable gas cylinders”, the secretariat of which is held by BSI.

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6、Interpretation of test results:The interpretation of the burst test results shall involve: 

a) examination of the pressure/time curve or pressure/volume of water used curve, to permit determination of the pressure, py, at which plastic deformation of the cylinder commences, together with the bursting pressure ph;

b) examination of the burst tear and of the shape of its edges.

medical equipment laser

Product Information:

1、0.8 liters to 80 liters; 89mm-267mm cylinder outer diameter; Working pressure is 150bar; Hydrostatic test pressure is 250bar; 37 mn material; Iso9809-3 or GB/T5099.3 production standards;

2、The minimum design wall thickness of gas cylinders is 2.4mm-6.2mm; The cylinder body weight is 1.60kg-72.4kg; The height of the cylinder body is 197mm-1520mm; Cylinder mouth threads include PZ19.2,PZ27.8,PZ39; 25E; 3/4-14 NGT, etc.; Maximum gas storage is 0.12m3-12m3 (150L-12000L)

3、Aliases: Oxygen gas cylinders; Germany Rhein gas cylinder; 150 bar cylinder; Oxygen bomb; Gas cylinders。

4、A cylinder shall be considered to be of a new design, compared with an existing approved design, when at least one of the following applies:

a) the nominal outside diameter has been changed; 

b) the guaranteed minimum thickness has been changed; 

c) the hydraulic test pressure, ph, has been increased (where a cylinder is to be used for lower pressure duty than that for which design approval has been given, it shall not be deemed to be a new design); 

d) the guaranteed minimum yield strength, Reg and/or the guaranteed minimum tensile strength, Rmg, have changed.

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5、Test conditions :As the cylinder and test equipment are being filled with water, care shall be taken to ensure that no air is 

trapped in the circuit by operating the hydraulic pump until water is discharged from the vent or air-release valve. 

During the test, pressurization shall be carried out in two successive stages. 

a) In the first stage, the pressure shall be increased at a rate of not more than 5 bar/s up to a pressure value corresponding to the initiation of plastic deformation; 

b) In the second stage, the pump discharge rate shall be maintained at as constant a level as possible until the cylinder bursts.

Shandong Hongsheng Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd. is willing to be your long-term partner and chief cylinder safety officer, and jointly escort your cylinder safety.

laser therapy machine

7、Product parameters table(ISO9809-3)
















Design wall 





WMAⅡ89-1L-150 89 1 240 1.83 150 2.4 37MN
WMAⅡ89-1.4L-150 89 1.4 310 2.30 150 2.4 37MN


108 2 310 3.62 150 2.9 37MN


108 2.5 374 4.29 150 2.9 37MN
WMAⅡ108-3.0L-150 108 3.0 440 4.96 150 2.9 37MN
WMAⅡ108-5.0L-150 108 5.0 696 7.74 150 2.9 37MN
WMAⅡ140-3.4L-150 140 3.4 324 5.3 150 3.8 37MN


140 4.0 375 5.89 150 3.8 37MN


140 5.0 447 6.96 150 3.8 37MN


140 6.3 540 7.88 150 3.8 37MN


6.7 569 8.30 150 3.8 37MN


140 8.0 665 9.68 150 3.8 37MN
WMAⅡ140-9.0L-150 140 9.0 744 10.7 150 3.8 37MN


140 10.0 818 11.9 150 3.8 37MN


159 8.0 548 9.11 150 4.3 37MN
WMAⅡ159-10.0L-150 159 10.0 660 10.9 150 4.3 37MN
WMAⅡ159-12.0L-150 159 12.0 780 13.1 150 4.3 37MN
WMAⅡ159-13.4L-150 159 13.4 861 15.4 150 4.3 37MN
WMAⅡ159-15.0L-150 159 15.0 932 16.8 150 4.3 37MN
WMAⅡ180-20.0L-150 180 20.0 1012 24.8 150 4.9 37MN
ISO219-40.0L-150 219 40.0 1300 48.0 150 5.7 37MN
ISO232-40.0L-150 232 40.0 1167 43.0 150 6.0 37MN
ISO232-46.7L-150 232 46.7 1345 48.9 150 6.0
ISO232-47.0L-150 232 47 1351 49.0 150 6.0 37MN
232 50.0 1450 57.7
150 6.0 37MN
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